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Fast Forward: Video on Demand and the Future of Television

Written for Genuine Article Press in 1999, as a new medium for television began to come to life. The 200-page book was underwritten by technology provider nCube as an excellent way to educate potential customers and partners about the emergence of video-on-demand. A great vehicle for establishing thought leadership in an important category.

Looking back today, it’s interesting to see that much of what was contemplated and theorized actually came true. Even more interesting to see that you can still buy a (used) copy on Amazon.

When animals attack…

That was actually the name of an ill-fated Fox Television series. I have no idea what it was about. Rampaging elephants? Rabid bulldogs? Kittens hopped up on Benzedrine? Who knows, but it’s one of the little tidbits of history from the start-up of the Fox network, and it’s captured in this tidy little book review I wrote awhile back.

The definitive word on broadband

Anybody who ever tells you that conceiving, editing, organizing and producing a book is enjoyable is a bloody liar. What’s enjoyable is when it’s finally finished and you can fondle the thing whilst sipping Pinot Grigio. Still, this reprise of the original 2001 version of Definitive Broadband had its moments. Working with the masterful writer Leslie Ellis is always a delight; and reviewing final page proofs in the company of Lundwall Communications’ talented designer Tim Ingersoll was made all the more pleasant by the fact that he brews pretty good beer. (Which probably explains that one unfortunate typo. Or was it two?) If you’re a technology geek, or just like cool pictures and well-written explanations of things, you can order yourself a copy.