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Have music, will jog

Reflections and memories from my latest CED Magazine column on the instrument that started the whole “my media” movement…the Sony Walkman. I had a yellow one.

Walk This Way

The personal media revolution probably would have happened anyway, but it didn’t hurt that a Japanese executive named Akio Morita happened to have a fondness for opera, a habit of flying across the Pacific on business trips and the control of a multi-billion-dollar global consumer electronics company called Sony. Continue reading Have music, will jog

CES 2010: Get yer gadgets

A review of the new, novel and notable from CES 2010. Published by Pause Magazine, the customer mag from cabler Mediacom Communications that’s produced by the estimable Paul Levine.

From Vegas, with Juice: Tech Gadgets worth Noting
By Stewart Schley

The last truck filled with big-screen TV demo units pulled away from the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center months ago, but like the flashing neon sign above Harrah’s Casino, the techno-extravaganza that is the annual Consumer Electronics Show never really stops pulsing. Its influence extends beyond the Nevada desert as products that had their coming-out party in Vegas land on store shelves and ultimately in your life (and mine).

This year’s CES, as always, was a bloated, noisy affair, a uniquely American monument to the clever, the too-soon and the “what-were-they-thinking?” within the marketplace for toys and tools featuring electrical cords. (Or batteries.) But for all its hype and din, CES is very good at foreshadowing what’s new and what’s next in gizmo-land.

To that point, CES 2010 was a coming-out party for 3D television, but that was just one hint of what’s ahead in consumer electronics, and a distant one at that. (We’re all for 3D, but battery-powered glasses? Another new TV set? Seriously?) Other categories on display at CES may not be as sexy, but they promise to have more immediate impact. Like these: Continue reading CES 2010: Get yer gadgets