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Pitch perfect

Denver writer Arnie Grossman waited decades for his breakthrough Hollywood moment. It took him 35 seconds to finally get it. Here’s the piece I wrote for ColoradoBIZ magazine about a likable Denver author.

Addendum: Ran into Arnie at a 2016 holiday gathering and found out the movie is…finished! Big change in that Christopher Lloyd, not Bruce Dern, plays the lead. Go see it on the festival circuit if ya can. Here’s the IMDB summary.

So now I’m a movie critic…

Which is not a particularly bad gig. You get to pretend to be all erudite and learned as you basically sit around and watch movies. Then you get to write fun little nibbles of commentary, like this:

Stories about captains of industry rarely make for great films – the indulgent Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator being a prime indication – but The Social Network is a standout exception. Almost documentary-like at times, this gripping account of online media wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg and the dawning days of Facebook draws its strength from Jesse Eisenberg’s searing portrayal of the Facebook founder as a caustic, relentless imperialist on a mission. The eye for detail is superb, as director David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) creates dead-on depictions of two distinctly opposing cultures – the entrenched elitism of Harvard University and the anything-goes environment of Silicon Valley in full entrepreneurial gore. Writer Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men, Charlie Wilson’s War) is masterful once again.

You can read a few more of these in Mediacom’s Pause Magazine. Go to page 10 on the flip-book thingy.

FX gets a lighter side

The creative mind behind “The Shield” brings a lighter touch to a new FX primetime series about guys who can’t grow up. Don’t know how the show will fare, but the main actors were pretty cool to talk with in this feature for Mediacom’s Pause Magazine.

Dogged Pursuit

In FX’s new Terriers, Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James try to catch bad guys. Without growing into tired old dogs.

By Stewart Schley

In Shawn Ryan’s gripping FX series, “The Shield,” tough-guy cop Vik Mackey (Michael Chiklis) was the LAPD version of a snarling Doberman, poised to pounce – and bite – whenever someone violated his very personal interpretation of justice.

Ryan’s latest contribution to FX, “Terriers,” is about SoCal crime-solving, too, but its two main characters are breeds away from the gritty street ethos Chiklis personified. Instead, think lovable mutt: a mix of lackadaisical and loyal, with just enough charm in the DNA to make you want to reach out and scratch them behind the ears – even after they’ve misbehaved. Continue reading FX gets a lighter side