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You’ll ruin your eyes!

That’s what my mom used to tell us circa 1976 as my brother and I collapsed into a couch and squinted at a TV screen displaying, if memory serves, “Welcome Back, Kotter” or something of its ilk. The difference between now and then, as this column explains: Today you probably won’t even find two siblings in the same room watching television. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 68 percent of U.S. kids have their own TV set in their own room. (The other 32 percent are probably doing something horrible like playing outside.) My editorial aside: This is no organic, self-generating development. It’s actually very much in the economic interests of the TV biz to splinter audiences into lotsa little demographic vectors that can be packaged and sold to advertisers. Unfortunately, the price we pay is a generation of isolated little kids. I’m pretty certain Mr. Woodman (he was the principal in “Kotter”) would disapprove.