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On the spot (and the camera) at SCTE

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

That’s “Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers” for you non-geeks. This series of video interviews from selected exhibitors is redolent with buttons that go flash and smart people talking in occasionally mystifying acronyms. And me getting to nod my head a lot.

Talking tech with Ohio State students

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Got to be an honorary Ohio State Buckeye for a day as I moderated a fascinating panel session featuring four very articulate and interesting students who shared details about the role media and communications technology plays in their daily lives. A refreshing departure from the typical industry-only panel session, this event allowed me to play Charlie Rose (albeit a shorter version thereof) and guide an interesting dialogue. Thanks to the Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association and the Midwest chapter of CTAM, a cable industry trade organization, for setting it up. Here are a few photographs (the link is “Photo Gallery,”) and yes, in one of them you’ll see me in the dead center, wearing a very red “Beat Michigan” t-shirt on the eve of the big game. (Life lesson: never turn down an opportunity to shamelessly exploit local allegiances in an attempt to endear yourself to the audience.)