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NCTC 2010: Meet the ‘Frenemy’

Spoke at the National Cable Television Cooperative’s 2010 Independent Show in Baltimore, offering a thought or two about Internet video and competitive implications for cable providers. Below is a write-up by Communications Technology (thanks, Debra) on my remarks.

Live From The Independent Show: Living With The ‘Frenemy’

Debunking all the talk of cable customers “cutting the cord,” Stewart Schley, One Touch Intelligence’s senior director/industry intelligence, was quick to tell Independent Show attendees at the show’s closing session that there were 590,000 new aggregate subs reported by all cablecos during 1Q10, even with the specter of Internet video.

“The number of people who actually would cut cable service in favor of Internet video is less than 4 percent,” he added. Continue reading NCTC 2010: Meet the ‘Frenemy’

CTAM 2009 panel: customer loyalty

Moderated an interesting CTAM Summit conference panel on customer loyalty and retention strategies, including some smart folks from the cable business plus…a hamburger maven. Here’s the description:

Staying Power: How Smart Companies Build Loyalty in Highly Competitive Environments

As cable companies face rising pressure from multiple competitors among a variety of free and paid distribution sources, customer loyalty strategies are critical for preserving market share. Join senior executives from a broad range of industries who confronted similar challenges for decades and understand when to respond to competitive pressures and how to build customer affinity in a combative marketplace. Real world lessons will inform your own strategies for planning, executing and managing a profitable competitive blueprint.

Key Take-Aways:
• Build customer affinity in a combative marketplace
• Examine ways to preserve market share with customer loyalty strategies

1. Stewart Schley, Senior Director, Industry Intelligence, One Touch Intelligence (moderator)
2. Jerry Dow, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Suddenlink Communications
3. Bruce Leichtman, President and Principal Analyst, Leichtman Research Group
4. Tom Ryan – Managing Partner and Chief Concept Officer, Consumer Capital Partners & Founder, SmashBurger

Talking tech with Ohio State students

Got to be an honorary Ohio State Buckeye for a day as I moderated a fascinating panel session featuring four very articulate and interesting students who shared details about the role media and communications technology plays in their daily lives. A refreshing departure from the typical industry-only panel session, this event allowed me to play Charlie Rose (albeit a shorter version thereof) and guide an interesting dialogue. Thanks to the Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association and the Midwest chapter of CTAM, a cable industry trade organization, for setting it up. Here are a few photographs (the link is “Photo Gallery,”) and yes, in one of them you’ll see me in the dead center, wearing a very red “Beat Michigan” t-shirt on the eve of the big game. (Life lesson: never turn down an opportunity to shamelessly exploit local allegiances in an attempt to endear yourself to the audience.)