The Broadband Library

Nicest-looking print magazine in the entire telecom category. I write the “Novel Approach” pages about technology and application innovation…in addition to other contributions.

The Cable Center
Was privileged to chair the Academic & Cable Telecommunications Forum 2012. Also provide general writing and research for the Denver-based Center.

ColoradoBIZ Magazine
Been writing the monthly “SportsBiz” column for awhile now. Also contribute the occasional interior feature.

CTAM Business Services Council
Lots of research and writing for CTAM’s Business Services Council, which represents cable companies that are making big inroads into the business telecommunications marketplace.

National Cable & Telecommunications Association. You know when a trade association produces a major international conference? Somebody’s gotta write all that stuff: panel descriptions, promotional materials and whatnot. That would be me.

One Touch Intelligence
In my spare time, I’m a contributing analyst for a smart shop devoted to market intelligence for media & telecom players, covering online video and new media stuff. Oh: I also wrote the website.

Walter Kaitz Foundation
Web content, brochures, newsletter copy and more for the not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging inclusion and diversity throughout the media industries.