Writing books isn’t so hard. You choose 80,000 words and arrange them in different patterns, alternating between despair and alienation, until you have a draft. Then you start over.

Planet Broadband (Cisco Press, 2003)

Co-written on behalf of the remarkable inventor Rouzbeh Yassini, who played an instrumental role in making the Internet go fast. It’s less about the tech and more about the implications of a connected world. But then: You probably got that already from the title.

Fast Forward: Video on Demand and the Future of Television (Genuine Article Press, 2000)

Someone on Amazon was kind enough to describe it as “a highly praised study of how we arrived at NOW.” A deep dive into the technology, people, ideas and economics circling around a new, revolutionary mode of television delivery. Bonus: There’s a Ginger Rogers story here.

Definitive Broadband (Lundwall Communications, 2005)

A two-volume set I conceived in a fever dream of entrepreneurial booklust. Written by Leslie Ellis, beautifully photo-illustrated by designer Tim Ingersoll, and rather painstakingly edited by yours truly, it’s a picture book for the gizmos and gadgets of a new telecommunications era.

Field Guide to the New Broadband Media (Genuine Article Press, 2004)

Modeled after that lovely financial “handbook” series the Wall Street Journal used to publish, it’s a gorgeously designed roadmap for a game-changing migration to digital media. Published in association with the nice folks at CTAM.

Woke (Unpublished)

My work-in-progress novel is a farcical romp around a faintly terrifying idea: Eliminating sleep so that people might watch more stuff on more screens. Have a nice night.

“Fast Forward is must reading for the strategists of tomorrow’s television platform.”

John J. Sie, Founding Chairman and CEO, Starz Media

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